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A Word About Chaff cutter & animal food processor  machine  solutions from Brazil   aim to impove problem of chara ( Fodder ) for animals and procesing  food for animals in dairy Industries. Where labour is expencive and its tough job to make food for animals very morning, andmake silage technoligies 

Our machines are made with latest technology which is No. 1 in world, in that you can prepare Chara Fodder within no time.

These machines cut dry as well as green chaff in seconds, also you can cut wet and dry grass,  paddy straw, Cotton straw, wheat stray, maize straw, suger cane etc 

By processing maize straw with suger cane , with our machine, the output is very good and very healthy for animals, and you can increase milk by 30% and improve animal health and weight.

Blades in these machines do not get wear, for longer time and these machines run totally maintainance free

Our machines are available ex stock and can be suppplied with electric motor / diesel engine

Base frames and pullyes also provided at extra cost

Ware house  in  AGRA, India

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