MOST ADVANCED - Chaff cutter, Hammer Mills, filed fodder crop

harvesting,Silage making, silage packing machine, Mobile Feed Plant, and TMR block making are the next steps towards Animal Feed


Strong and robust, Vidhata JF 80 Hammer Mill grinds fodders and dry and moist grains. It grinds maize grain, maize cob, cereal straw, seeds, besides its special features for making moist grain silage. It can be powered by tractor PTO (65 hp) or electric motor (30hp), depending on the version. JF 80 has a very high productivity so the farmer can save time and have better fodder for his livestock.

Get to know the main features and performance of JF 80:



·         Sieves (sold separately)
3 / 5 / 8 / 10 / 14 and 18 mm

• Flat bottom (side discharge)

• Used for chopping green fodder

• Blades and hammers made of special hardened steel

• Special steel rotor



• Versatility of uses with several fodders

• Longer durability and higher resistance

• Higher productivity

• Simple operation and maintenance

– base for electric motor- 3 point linkage for tractor.*The motors/engines and sieves are optional and sold separately.
** Productivity might vary and depend on factors like: tractor, motor or engine power, labor availability, type and quality of forage

Machine can be operated by 20 H.P or 30 H.P Elect Motor