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The Multi-forage cutter  JF 1000 AT S3 hits the market to open a new world of possibilities to the farmer and making your JF precision havester more versatile, allowing and making easier the harvesting of all type of forage.

This equipment allows harvesting in any direction and independent of sowing line, including intercropped systems. Its dimension, design and final composition causes less compat to the soil, high productivity, lower tractor fuel consumption and the best market cost-benefit ratio.

Benefits and offers


• Harvesting of 2 rows³ of maize and sorghum, super napier and all types of tropical grasses efficiently, can accept to cut very fine chop size low as 2 mm can be used in Bio Coal , CNC, CBG etc,

• Wider “mouth” for easier harvesting of sugar cane and tropical grasses;, Convaor also provided for stationery models

• Increase of productivity of harvester with low power requirement;, upto 20 tons in stationery mode per hr

• Labor and fuel saving if compared to using 3 ft full mouth opening chute for silage making maize for comtractors

• Simple and strong transmission, built with resistant gearboxes for lower maintenance, with safety pin technology

• All spares parts are keep stocks at our ware house at AGRA UP INDIA

• It has a maximum cutting width of 0,92m for harvesting forage planted in row, broadcast, intercropped systems and in any direction, increasing substantially the productivity.

- "Z" Technology rotor (flywheel) blade: this patented feature from JF gives the most precise chop of all harvesters in the market. Having uniform and even chopped particles is one of the most important attributes of one forage harvester, as this result in better quality silage preservation, less loss of forage and higher voluntary intake of forage by the animals. Our "Z" technology also make the knife to chop and blow at the same time, avoiding to have extra blowers on the rotor which only take more power and increase the probability of machine jamming. 

- 10 blades in rotor instead of 6 : this gives more productivity and higher chopping precision, resulting in better packing in silage pit/bag and less forage loss.

- On JF 92 Z10 you can choose from 18 chop sizes from 2 to 55mm. This is specially important when you are chopping different types of forage like maize, grasses, sugar cane. Each forage needs a different chopping length for being more efficient on silage making or rummen digestion. Also when forages a drier than normal, you want to have a smaller cut size as their particles tend to be longer when dry. In modern farming you will use several types of forage and not only one, so you need a harvester that can change the chop size. This is a standard worldwide.

- Our machine when you use 5mm and smaller chopping lengths, you will have almost all maize grains cracked, because of its blade technology and drum synchronization. And if you don't crack the grains in maize silage, then all grains will be wasted and there is no point at all in making silage.

- JF's transmission system is a state of the art technology, giving efficient and frictionless transmission of power for lower maintenance and higher productivity.
- We designed our machines for tough jobs, even for cutting sugar cane, so the machine is robust and has lower running cost than other machines.
- Our "Z" technology blade together with our unique and precision manufactured transmission system gives a machine with the highest productivity in the market
- Our star shaped blades for cutting the stalks deliver a precise cut which is very important for plant regrowth
- OUr blades, gears and shafts are made of the highest quality material and receive specific hardening process for longer durability and lower maintenance requirements. 
- JF is the world's Nº1 forage harvester manufacturer, well know in the 5 continents and over 55 countries. 

JF AT1000 Equipment with technology inherited from the renowned JF   technical dimensions to meet the farmer who has the cane as its main source of forage and needs a powerful machine and that is dimensioned to work hard. The provides high yield and resistance, while maintaining excellence in uniformity chopped. Equipped with controls and hydraulic outlet nozzle and fairing, which make practical sugarcane harvest for forage.


Fairing Polyethylene
Less friction in the product inlet
Ease in raising cane lying

Transmission cardan box
Power gain

Full hydraulic control
Easy handling of the spout

napier grass special






Capacity up to 30 ton/h*

Cut sizes 24 (2mm, 3 mm, 5 mm, 8mm, 10mm , 12mm by change of gear

Number of rotor 1

Number of rows  INDEPENDENT 1 METER

Number of rotor blades 10  

Power source tractor PTO /MOTOR 80 HP

Number of gathering drums 6

Recommended power at PTO 65 & ABOVE hp

Required revolution at PTO 540

Weight 870 Kg

Transmission system BELT /MOTOR STAND

At JF, we take your forage seriously! What about you?

Find out why JF 1150 AT is the farmers’ favorite solution for harvesting sugar cane, tropical grasses and for using higher power tractors.



Wider row-independent header with front drums, gathering platform, and aligners with an exclusive design for constant harvesting flow and lower stress for transmission. In maize & sorghum it harvests 3 rows at a time with row spacing of 45 cm; and 2 rows at a time with row spacing of 90 cm.


Unmatched versatility: designed for harvesting sugar cane, tropical forage such as napier and elephant grass, as well as winter forage like oats and barley;


Heavy-duty transmission calculated for tough jobs, featuring special gearboxes;


Extra-sized gathering platform with 4 drums and spring-loaded drum for a more precise chopping, as well as central lubrication system for quicker maintenance;


16 extra-sized “C” technology rotor blades for higher processing power and chopping precision with built-in sharpener;


12 chop sizes available with easy shifting, perfect for working in various forage, harvesting, and dry matter conditions.