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JF 2300 AT Forage  Harvesters

At JF, we take your forage seriously! What about you?

Find out why JF 2300 AT is the perfect solution for pro- fessional farmers and silage contractors for having a quicker harvest and an inline driving experience with the tractor/harvester set.


#Front and rear coupling to the tractor for an inline driving experience, easier maneuvering and optimized harvesting in plots without space on the edges;

#Exclusive Twin Rotor technology and 4 front drums for real higher productivity;

#2,30m wide row-independent header with front drums, feeding box and aligners with exclusive design for a constant harvest flow and lower stress on transmission and tractor. In maize and sorghum it harvests 4 rows at a time with row spacing of up to 70 cm; and 3 rows at a time with row spacing of up to 90 cm;

#Heavy-duty transmission and reliable design from the world's leading brand of forage harvesters;

#24 chop sizes available with easy shifting, perfect for working in various forage, harvesting, and dry matter conditions;

#Feeding box with 4 drums and spring-loaded drum for a more precise chopping. It also features central lubrication system and built-in sharpener for quicker daily maintenance;


#Electric/hydraulic control by joystick for easier operation.

#Suitable for all forage crops like


Super Napier


Hibird Sorgo bajra sorghum etc