MOST ADVANCED - Chaff cutter, Hammer Mills, on filed fodder crop

harvesting ,Silage management. silage packing machine, Mobile Feed Plant , TMR block making next step towards your Animal Feed


  • These chaff cutter machine is much more robust,   lower maintenance and more productive than other machines available world wide.
  • If you compare their metal plates used in the building of machine is much stronger  and heavy guage that last many many years.
  • Other local chaff cutter machines  hardening process in the blades is not so good as ours.
  • Ours blades are super high tenstile and do not need sharpening for much longer time then any available machines in India.
  • Other local chaff cutter machines they don't even do the  hardening at all.
  • So our machine is for heavier duty applications, other local machine is more for hobby and light work
  •  it might be a bight cheaper to buy a local machine at the beginning, but the clients do not realize they will have the "other" price: lower productivity, more maintenance, more spare parts, etc. 
  • These machines are super Portable, can be kept in small place
  • Our chaff cutter Balancing is super, as driving in 4000 RPM , you can put cup of tea on the machine
  • Safety covers, our chaff cutter Looks are cute and relible and no chance of accidents.
  • Chaff cutter machine Colour is strong and long time durable
  • Efficient :- in compare of power consumption via out put , production, these are the best machine available in market
  • - JF has the most advanced design and manufacturing technologies for CHAFF CUTTER & FORAGE HARVESTERS  in the world. Our parts are made with Japanese laser cutting machines, German welding robots, etc. Our quality control labs have several tools for making sure our machines will really perform well in the field. 
  • Our blades, shafts, gears and other parts receive proper hardening process for longer durability and less maintenance costs.  we have measured and our blades last almost 4 times more compare to local machine.