MOST ADVANCED - Chaff cutter, Hammer Mills, filed fodder crop

harvesting,Silage making, silage packing machine, Mobile Feed Plant, and TMR block making are the next steps towards Animal Feed

JF TMR PADDLE  MIX 4000/ 6000 Mixer

JF Mix 4000/6000 TMR Feed Mixer line has been developed to meet the needs of dairy with  digital weighing system using DG500 scale, it features 3 precision load sensors and allows downloading data to computers through an USB memory,  having several diets and recipes options. 

The draw bar is adjustable to the tractor height and the discharge gate is managed through hydraulic control. The control of discharge belt height is manual or optionally it can be changed to hydraulic control in order to guarantee a perfect discharge. JF TMR Feed Mixers are available with capacity of 4m³, 6m³ and 8m³ , with or without silage loader, supporting several herd sizes.

Characteristics Mixer powered by tractor, system independent and replaceable, oil tank, resistant planetary gearbox for cutting and

  1. Mixing hay,
  2. Haylage,
  3. Silage
  4. Other materials
  5. Molasis Dry or wet
  6. Mineral mixture and concentrates
  7. makes complete tmr

for animal feed, & packing

back protection for cutting drum, PTO shaft protection, weighing system with data downloading to USB memory/computer and discharge conveyor directly in the trough. Transmission by PTO shaft through reduction gearbox, auto silage loader controlled by hydraulic pump and articulation by hydraulic cylinder, flotation tyres, upper augers driven by chains, required revolution at PTO of 540 RPM and required power at PTO of 50 hp.



• Mixing tank paddle type

• Mixing auger makes easier mix and homogenous mixture;

• Independent and removable cross knives system remove the silage without damaging the silage wall structure, avoiding entrance of oxygen and preserving the nutrients;

• Oil tank with coupling for quick access and easy maintenance;

• Robust planetary gearbox, with resistant transmission which allows cutting and mixing hay, silage, etc.;

• Scale with loading and unloading functions and information can be downloaded to computers by an USB memory for more recipe options;

•  Reduces the risk of metabolic diseases such as acidosis, indigestion, etc;

• Good to use for feeding different lots of cattle;

• Uniform discharge into the trough;

• Requires less labor than traditional system;