MOST ADVANCED - Chaff cutter, Hammer Mills, filed fodder crop

harvesting,Silage making, silage packing machine, Mobile Feed Plant, and TMR block making are the next steps towards Animal Feed

3 in 1 machine  

Multipurpose Machine

  1.  Chaff Chopper Machine ( SIZE 2 TO 50 M)
  2. Dalia making machine 
  3. Pulveriser Machine
  4. Flour for Roti AATA MAKING
  5. Crushing waste material etc
  6. Operated by 3 hp or 5 hp single phase motor




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JF Fodder Processors have high resistance and durability and, besides that, they have an excellent productivity. They combine quality, strength, endurance and accuracy in the processing of several crops. Ideal for farmers who need to feed their livestock in a daily basis, JF fodder processors are indicated for animal fodder production, such as cattle, poultry and pigs among others. 

Its powerful and quick rotor has high resistant hammers and knives that grind grains and maize cobs for producing concentrade ration besides cutting grass, sugar cane and roots for green fodder preparation.

Application: Grind dry corn grain and cobs, chop sugar cane, tropical grasses, cassava, fine branches and other green products with superior quality.



Fodder Processors with productive capacity according to the technical specifications table of this document, equipped with knives and hammers built in special and hardened steel, complete rotor in carbon steel, moving hammers with 4 working lifes, adjustable counter-knife built in special steel, sievesof 0,8mm, 1,5mm (JF 1D only), 3mm, 5mm, 10mm and flat bottom for special usage in maize grain, maize cobs and green products in general (forage), optional cyclones, bases for driving by electric motors, diesel/gasoline, 3-point likage/ tractor PTO. In order to know versions and accessories available as well as required power for each model, please check the technical specifications table.




• Double function in one single equipment: chop green forage and grind grains;

• Higher durability and resistance;

• Full usage of ground material resulting in higher production performance;

• Easy operation and low maintenance;

• Optional cyclone that make easy ground material bagging;

• Available with base for driving with electric motor, diesel /gasoline and tractor PTO.




Maize grain Productivity*

Sieve size 0,8 mm    50 to 65 kg/h
Sieve size 3 mm      250 to 350 kg/h
Sieve size 5 mm     400 to 750 kg/h


Sieve size 5 mm     150 to 250 kg/h
Sieve size 10 mm   250 to 350 kg/h

Green fodder ( CHAFF CUTTER)

Flat bottom  350 to 850 kg/h

Required electric motor power 2 OR 3 HP

Number of blades 2

Number of moving hammers 6


- flat base for electric motor

- flat base for diesel motor

- tilted base for electric motor